Jueves 22 de abril de 2021
18:00 horas Chile.

ORGANIZA: Fundación PachaMama Sostenible.

COLABORA: Tarapacá Emprende.

Sofía Bustos, Directora Ejecutiva Actuemos ONG.

Sara Granados, Asesora Regional FAO Sistemas Alimentarios.

Daniela Acuña, Encargada de Producción Sustentable en ODEPA, Ministerio de Agricultura.

Para más información escríbenos: contacto@fundacion-pachamama-sostenible.org

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About us

Fundación PachaMama Sostenible

We are a non-profit organization born after 20 years working with agricultural, indigenous and rural communities from the North of Chile, as an answer for the call for development of these communities, but without affecting their ecosystem, traditions and lifestyle. Having that in mind, PachaMama Foundation aspires to be an ally in the communities’ sustainable development, approaching in a participatory way to line of actions such as: developing in agriculture, livestock, tourism, business and cultural areas.


50% of our directory is conformed by women.

We are a multicultural NGO conformed by people that belong to the Aymara, Colla and Mapuche ethnic groups.



Generate, apply and transfer knowledge from ancestral wisdoms and traditions from communities that make up our ecosystem in post of a sustainable development.

Being a referent and a model at a local, national and international level in the development with communities that shape our ecosystem.


Our principles are based in the UNESCO Declaration, that indicates: “It is established that the traditional and ancestral knowledge is a patrimony whose value cannot be circumscribe only to the native communities, they are an important resource for the whole humanity, while it enriches the mutual awareness of dialogue, and enables the conservation of a wide spectrum of cultural diversity that exists in a given territory. For that motive it has to be protected and promoted, recognized and consolidated in the benefit of all humanity, for present and future generations.”

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