Jueves 22 de abril de 2021
18:00 horas Chile.

ORGANIZA: Fundación PachaMama Sostenible.

COLABORA: Tarapacá Emprende.

Sofía Bustos, Directora Ejecutiva Actuemos ONG.

Sara Granados, Asesora Regional FAO Sistemas Alimentarios.

Daniela Acuña, Encargada de Producción Sustentable en ODEPA, Ministerio de Agricultura.

Para más información escríbenos: contacto@fundacion-pachamama-sostenible.org

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PachaMama’s Foundation Objectives

Carry out investigations that conduct to the generation of studies, programs and projects that associate with the environment, territorial development, cultural heritage, natural resources, family agriculture and small/medium business and market studies.

Implement educational activities and training in terms of recycling, environment, use and optimization of hydric resources, cultural patrimony, handicraft, added value of agricultural and livestock products directed to schools, study centers of any kind and community support centers.

Advise public and private entities in the analysis, elaboration, execution and the startup of studies, programs and projects related with terms of environment, agriculture, handicraft, culture, territorial development, baseline, use and optimization of natural resources.

Develop communicational campaigns guided to educate the population in terms of environment, gender equity, ancestral communities, cultural preservation and ancestral wisdoms from the different ethnicities that conform the country.

UNESCO Universal Declaration about Cultural Diversity, 2001

Is established that the traditional and ancestral knowledge is a patrimony whose value cannot be circumscribe only to the native communities, they are an important resource for the whole humanity, while it enriches the mutual awareness of dialogue, and enables the conservation of a wide spectrum of cultural diversity that exists in a given territory.

It is stated in the declaration, that the cultural diversity is a source of creativity and innovation and its recognition encourages the social inclusion and participation.
For that motive it has to be protected and promoted, recognized and consolidated in the benefit of all humanity, for present and future generations.

It is also stated that the cultural diversity expands up the election possibilities that are given to all, and that it is a source of development, not only in terms of economic growth but also as an access medium to an intellectual, affective, moral and spiritual existence.

We promote the principles of sustainable agriculture

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